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How to configure managed Google Play Enterprise


This article shows how to configure a managed Google Play Enterprise account Miradore Online can use to provide additional management features and secure company container for your Android devices.


  • Miradore Online Enterprise Plan subscription or active trial.
  • A Google account. (NOTE: Gsuite accounts are not supported)
    • The use of personal Google accounts is not advised. It is better to use an account created for your organization.
    • If you want to publish private apps for your Managed Google Play Enterprise, the Google account must be a developer account and the apps must be added under that account.

Navigate to System > Infrastructure diagram and select Managed Google Play Enterprise from the diagram. Click the Enroll button from the Managed Google Play Enterprise item to proceed. This redirects you to Google's work console where you can register your managed Google Play Enterprise account.



Please ensure that you're signed in with the correct Google account before proceeding. You can later on invite more administrators to your managed Google Play Enterprise. When ready, click the Get started button.


Enter your organisation details and click Confirm to proceed.


After completing the setup, you must return back to Miradore Online by clicking the Complete registration button.


You will see a confirmation that your managed Google Play Enterprise has been configured successfully to Miradore Online.



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