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2016-10-28 Miradore 4.4.0 hotfix 1


This hotfix package contains a usability improvement to the report builder and two non-critical performance improvements in Miradore Management Suite 4.4.0.

Performance improvements:

  • In some cases, the device identification procedure failed because the procedure execution timed out. As a result of this, some inventory imports and connectors may have got stuck for hours. This improvement enhances the performance of the device identification procedure significantly.
  • The views in Miradore Management Suite 4.4.0 use a different technology for exporting view contents to Excel than what is used in the report builder. Unfortunately, the technology used in the views has some drawbacks to the performance which causes timeouts and slow performance, especially with large amounts of view data. This improvement changes the views to use the same export technology that is used with the report builder.

Report builder improvement:

  • This package adds two new filtering operators to the report builder. The new filtering operators are “within” and “more than” and they can be used with the attributes whose type is DateTime.

The within operator allows to define a dynamic filter which includes items that are inside the defined range of time from the current moment. The range can be defined either in days or in hours. For example, within the next 3 days, or within the last 5 hours. See the example picture below.

The more than operator enables to define a dynamic filter which includes all items that are outside the defined time range from the present time, either before or after. Also in this case, the range can be defined in days or in hours. For example, more than 14 days ago, or more than 96 hours forth.

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