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2017-01-25 Release notes – Android Enterprise


Managed Google Play Enterprise management

Managed Google Play enterprise management, or simply Android in the enterprise (previously known as Android for Work), provides additional management features and secure company container for your Android devices. This unifies Android enterprise management by removing device manufacturer differences and offers the same management features for all Android devices.


  • Enterprise Plan subscription or trial.
  • Miradore Online client 2.4.0 installed to the devices.
  • Devices are running Android 5.0 or newer.

Main features:

  • Create a secure container for work data and remotely manage the container.
  • Separate private applications from the work applications.
  • Approve managed Google Play applications and manage company licenses.
  • Configure application settings and runtime permissions, for example deny camera.
  • Deploy approved applications silently to the devices.
  • Create your own managed Google Play store and let users install approved company applications.
  • Deploy work profile restrictions.
  • Deploy a separate passcode for the work applications and profile.

If you're interested in managed Google Play management check our documentation.


Minor improvements and bug fixes

In addition, this service update contains multiple minor improvements and bug fixes.

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