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Moving DEP enrolled Apple devices from another MDM server to Miradore Online


On the Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program) website, administrators can define the mobile device management solution that is used in their organization. All Apple devices that are purchased through Apple or authorized resellers are then enrolled in to the selected solution by default.

This article describes how you can move DEP enrolled Apple devices to Miradore Online if the devices have earlier been assigned to some other mobile device management solution and you're switching to use Miradore Online for mobile device management.



  • You will need to have an administrator access to the Apple DEP website
  • All DEP enrolled devices must be wiped while they're being moved from an MDM solution to another


Steps for moving DEP enrolled Apple devices from another MDM solution to Miradore Online

  1. First of all, set up the Apple DEP in Miradore Online as described in the How to set up DEP in Miradore Online section of the About Apple Device Enrollment Program article.

  2. Assign your Miradore Online site as the default MDM server in the Apple DEP website. This will ensure that all Apple devices purchased after this will be enrolled in your Miradore Online site.

  3. Navigate to the Device Enrollment Program > Manage Servers page in the Apple DEP website, and open the details of your earlier MDM solution server. In the popup showing the server details, use the Download Serial Numbers option to download a list of your devices that were enrolled in the other MDM solution.

  4. Next, navigate to the Device Enrollment Program > Manage Devices page in the Apple DEP website, and use the Upload CSV file option to upload the device list that you got in the previous step. After you have uploaded the file, choose Assign to Server and select your Miradore Online site using the dropdown menus provided.

  5. Then login to your Miradore Online site and run the Update devices action on the Enrollment > Apple DEP page. After that, you should see a list of you Apple devices in the view.

  6. Use the view checkboxes to choose the listed devices whose enrollment status is Not enrolled and run the Assign enrollment profile action for the devices. After this, the devices will be enrolled in to your Miradore Online site during their next initial setup.

  7. Lastly, perform wipe for the devices. You can use the other MDM solution to activate the wipe. After a successful wipe, the devices will be enrolled to your Miradore Online site automatically.


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