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2017-02-16 Miradore 4.4.1 release notes


We’re happy to announce the release of the new version of our IT systems management solution, Miradore Management Suite 4.4.1.


See your IT more clearly with custom quality indicators

The primary mission of IT organizations is to ensure that the company IT keeps running smoothly without service disruptions. Succeeding in this mission requires the ability to resolve issues quickly, but also the ability to identify and prevent problems before they cause any negative impact.

In this product release, we introduce an IT quality measurement framework which offers even thousands of data points that you can use to build custom metrics for measuring the quality of your IT environment. Miradore comes with about 70 predefined quality indicators, but you can now also add quality indicators of your own. With the custom metrics you can make your IT more transparent, because Miradore tracks all the indicators automatically, and lets you transform them into visual dashboards as illustrated in the picture below.



Patch Microsoft and non-Microsoft programs with ease

According to Verizon, 85% of cyber-attacks exploit known but unpatched vulnerabilities, and Gartner has predicted that through 2020 even 99% of the exploited vulnerabilities will be the ones that have been known by IT and security professionals for at least a year. In addition, a vulnerability review by Secunia found out that the share of non-Microsoft vulnerabilities in the 50 most popular applications usually hovers around 78%.

The main obstacle for patching applications in a timely manner is the fact that there is a great variance in the patching practices of non-Microsoft applications, which makes the patching process very inconsistent, inefficient and burdening task for the IT organizations. As a result, the security updates are neglected all too often.

In order to address this challenge, Miradore Management Suite features a centralized patch management solution which unifies the patching process for almost 50 different vendors and 180+ applications.

In this product release:

  • We expand the patch coverage by adding new vendors and applications to the unified patching process.
  • We introduce support for patching Windows Server 2016 computers, which completes the solution’s support for all major Windows operating systems.
  • We bring a major performance improvement to the patch scanner component which ensures that vulnerabilities can be detected smoothly in the managed devices without distracting the users.

For more details, please read the full Miradore Management Suite 4.4.1 Release Notes and see how Fujitsu Finland brought down their on-site support hours by 75% with Miradore’s Patch Management solution.


Ensure software license compliance with Miradore

This release also introduces numerous improvements to the Miradore Management Suite’s license compliance management and calculation logic. One of the improvements is a new report, which visualizes with “traffic lights” the compliance status for each of your license pools. If you have allocated enough licenses to the devices and users, the light is green. On the other hand, a yellow light indicates that you have purchased enough licenses, but you haven’t allocated them properly. The red light simply means that your organization is overusing the software, or there is shortage of the needed licenses.



Other improvements in Miradore Management Suite 4.4.1

Miradore Management Suite 4.4.1 contains a total of 32 improvements and 26 bug fixes. For more information about the changes, please refer to the Miradore Management Suite 4.4.1 Release Notes, and learn for example, how this new version of Miradore Management Suite can help you to join computers to Active Directory domains without even having a connection to the domain controller.


Component updates

This version also contains a new version of the following Miradore components:

  • Remote Control Administrator Client
  • Miradore connector for F-Secure Policy Manager 1.5.2

For more information about the release, please login to Miradore Support and downloads portal, check out the detailed list of improvements and download the update.

Best Regards,

Miradore Team

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