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2017-03-10 Miradore 4.4.1 hotfix 1


This hotfix package addresses the following issues in Miradore Management Suite 4.4.1:

There are performance issues in showing the “License pools” and “License compliance by license pools” views especially in large environments. This hotfix improves the data calculation logic and also changes the data update interval for “Total identified”, “Allocations needed” and “traffic light” columns. With the hotfix installed, these columns are updated once per day by the Miradore’s “Update license allocations” system task.

Administrators can define system-wide settings for Miradore clients in Miradore Management Suite. Unfortunately, there is a bug in the update logic of these settings, and therefore, changes to the settings are not always passed to the Miradore clients as expected.

Sharing report builder reports to users who don’t belong to “Report builders” group doesn’t work correctly. The users outside the report builders group cannot access a report builder report, although somebody would have shared the report to them.

Search tool doesn’t work in most popups that are used to select configuration items.

Normally, the user is automatically taken to the “Distribution status” tab after he/she runs the “Install package” operation through the Asset configuration item’s “Tasks” menu. Unluckily, there is a bug which prevents this transfer.

In the “Host name > Management client” field at the “Installation point” item, it is possible to choose which asset’s Miradore client is responsible for running the installation point media reporting and replication tasks for the installation point. The asset selection popup only allows to choose Windows assets to the field. This hotfix adds support for the selection of Linux assets to the popup.

Miradore displays information about the selected asset’s operating system in the “Host name” field at the “Installation point” item, but unfortunately the information may be misleading, because it is based on the asset’s initial installation settings which may differ from the actually installed operating system.

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