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2017-06-29 Miradore 4.5.0 release notes



We’re happy to announce the release of the new version of our IT systems management solution, Miradore Management Suite 4.5.0.


Custom dashboards

Administrators can now create easy-to-understand and visually appealing custom dashboards in addition to the built-in dashboards that come with the product. Any of the custom dashboards can be assigned as the default dashboard to appear as a first thing to all users when they login to Miradore. The custom dashboards can also be easily copied between the Miradore Management Suite instances using the export and import tools.



Software asset management improvements

A new tool for submitting software cataloging requests was added to the “Tasks” menu of the asset configuration item page. When this task is run, it performs a software scan on the device and sends the scan results to the Miradore support team for analysis. The support team then passes the information to the software catalog provider.

Also, a few data columns were added to the analyze views of the License pool item. The added columns ease the checking of license allocations and help in detecting needless license allocations.



In addition to this, the logic of calculating the “allocations needed” information for the license management views was also updated to correctly handle the scenario where multiple licenses grant to use the same software. Earlier, the calculation formula incorrectly assumed that a license must be allocated to each identified software installation from every applicable license pool.


Better control and visibility on software patching

The new Miradore Client for Windows 3.4.4 improves the patch scanning and installation process during maintenance windows. Now, the Client re-scans the patching status after reboot and performs more patch installations during the same maintenance window if there still is time left. In the previous versions, the patch scan was not performed again after a reboot, which slowed down the patching process if there was more patches waiting for installation.

The location-specific bandwidth limitation setting “Max bandwidth for file copying” is now also applied to the downloading of patch management files in Miradore Management Suite 4.5.0 which helps to limit the network traffic caused by the patching in locations with low bandwidth connection.

Also multiple improvements were made to the reporting of the devices’ patching status. For more information, see the Improvements section of the release notes.


New items, attributes and enhanced filtering to the web service and report builder

A lot of new items and filters were added to the Report builder for building custom reports. Also major improvements were made to the query filtering in the Report builder and in the web service API. Now it is, for example, possible to build a report of assets that have some certain executable file in some certain directory. See Report builder Filtering examples in the product guide for more information.


Several improvements to the installations management

The listing of installation packages was improved for the package distribution popup window. Now the administrators and package builders can pin the most important or frequently needed packages to the top of the list in the package selection popup using the “Pinned package” attribute that was added to the Package page. Additionally, it’s now possible to choose the preferred sort order for the packages.



For some time already, it has been possible to configure Miradore Management Suite to create a recovery partition at the end of an initial installation to protect Windows systems, but it has not been supported for devices with Bitlocker drive encryption enabled. This version adds the support, enabling disaster recovery protection also for the computers with encrypted system drives.

The Subnet items were modified to support the adding of multiple public IPs. Previously the Subnet items supported only one public IP address, but now admins can define multiple public IP addresses for each Subnet. Additional public IPs can be added by hitting the round button in the “Public IPs” field.


Important notice

Miradore Management Suite 4.5.0 is the last product version which supports the TCP connection method between the clients and the Miradore server. Therefore, it is recommended to configure your Miradore clients to use the HTTP connection method in order to avoid future issues in client connectivity.


Component updates

A new version of the following components are being released with Miradore Management Suite 4.5.0:

  • Miradore client for Windows 3.4.4 improves the patch scanning and installation procedure during maintenance windows. The new client also addresses one security vulnerability, and fixes two bugs in the user messages that the clients displays to the device users.
  • Miradore client for Linux 1.5.7 adds support for managing Debian 9 devices with Miradore.
  • Miradore client for OS X 1.5.7 fixes a major bug in the custom inventory feature.
  • Miradore Endpoint Backup client 6.2.4 resolves six bugs in the endpoint backup feature.
  • Miradore connector for 3 Step IT 3.0.0 can now be configured to synchronize data between Miradore Management Suite and multiple customer instances of 3 Step IT.

For more information about the release, please login to Miradore Support and downloads portal, check out the detailed list of improvements and download the update.

Best Regards,

Miradore Team

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