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Miradore clients


Miradore client acts as an endpoint component for all managed devices. In managed devices, Miradore client is responsible for package installations, running inventory scans, and communicating with the central server of Miradore Management Suite.


Miradore client platforms and versions

Client platform Client version Release date
Linux 1.5.7 28.6.2017
Mac OS X 1.5.7 28.6.2017
Windows 3.4.4 28.6.2017


Client statuses

The status of all clients can be seen from the Assets by name view under the Operations console in Miradore Management Suite. The image below explains the icons used to illustrate the status of a client.



Client connector

Miradore client connector is responsible for handling communications between the managed devices and Miradore server. Miradore clients connect to the client connector once during the polling interval. During this connection, Miradore clients request for package installation jobs etc. For security reasons, all jobs are picked up from the client connector instead of remotely pushing them to Miradore clients.

In case of immediate package installation, the Miradore server will send a wakeup message to the Miradore client(s). This causes the Miradore client to connect immediately for a job request.

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