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Infrastructure components


The following picture illustrates the infrastructure components of a Miradore Management Suite instance. Notice, however, that the picture is only an example, and all components are not mandatory to be in place.


Description of the components:

Miradore server is where all management data within the system is located. Only one server is needed per each Miradore Management Suite instance. The server runs on a Microsoft Windows platform and the database runs on Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012/2014. The web user interface of Miradore Management Suite runs on Microsoft IIS. In small environments, a single physical server can serve as a database server and Miradore server. On the other hand, in large environments, it is possible to install a dedicated database server.

Miradore client runs in the managed devices. The client is responsible for running the management tasks such as inventory scans and package installations in the managed devices, and it also is communicates the device status to the Miradore server.

Miradore client deployer is used to distribute Miradore clients to devices and also to run clientless inventory scans for the devices. The Miradore client deployer can be installed to the Miradore server or to some other computer running Microsoft Windows.

Miradore connectors are ready-made components for integrating Miradore Management Suite with third-party information systems. Examples of these include Microsoft Active Directory, antivirus systems and our mobile device management product, Miradore Online.

Installation point is the storage containing all installation media that is used to deploy packages and patches. Installation points are needed to perform initial installations, software distributions, and patch deployments. The nearest installation point is chosen automatically when starting a deployment. In larger environments with multiple locations or offices, one installation point is defined as a media master installation point. The other installation points are replicate the data from the media master installation point automatically.

Patch manager is a component that is located at the media master installation point, and it is needed for doing patch management with Miradore Management Suite. The patch manager basically checks the latest available patches and downloads the patches according to user's preferences to the media master installation point.

Endpoint backup server is a backup storage server, which is only needed if endpoint backup files are desired to be stored on an HTTP(S) server in cloud, instead of storing them in the local network file system.

Network discovery is a utility that is used to scan organization's network to get information of network connected devices. Network discovery is an optional feature or tool in Miradore Management Suite.

SNMP scanner is a data gathering tool for extracting information about network devices over the SNMP protocol.


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