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Patch manager


Patch manager is a component that is located at the media master installation point, and it is needed for Miradore patch management.

What Patch manager does?

Patch manager periodically checks the latest operating system and application patches from Akamai content delivery network over Internet, and delivers metadata about the patches to the Miradore server, which again, relays the metadata to Miradore clients in managed Windows computers. At the managed computers, the patch metadata is compared to the software and security patches that are installed to the computer, and after that, the security patch status results are returned back to Miradore server. At the managed computers, the patch management actions are carried out by "MDPatcher" and "XML Scan Engine" processes, which are part of Miradore client.  

After that, patch manager downloads the patch installation packages to the media master installation point according to the preferences configured by administrator(s) in Miradore system settings > Main > Patch management. Notice that an approval may be needed before patch installation packages are downloaded.

From the media master installation point, the patch installation packages are replicated onwards to the other installation points, similarly like other files. Finally, Miradore clients download patches from the nearest installation point. After installation, the clients report the installed patches in inventory data.





Patch manager component is installed with Miradore Management Suite installer, and it is available beginning from Miradore version 4.1.1.

Cleaning and removal of unused or obsolete patch data

Miradore patch manager imports metadata about patches to Miradore Management Suite server on a daily basis, and patch cache is downloaded to installation points on per need basis. However, there comes a day sooner or later when the data is no more needed and it should be removed to conserve disk space on the Miradore server and installation points.

For this purpose, there is data cleaning and removal settings in "Administration > System settings > Main > Patch management > Patch management settings". With these settings, the administrators can configure how long metadata about obsolete patches, or patch cache for unused patches should be preserved in the system, before the data is automatically removed from the system. As per definition, a patch becomes obsolete on the day when it's omitted from the patch feed that is imported by Miradore patch manager to the Miradore server.


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