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Android device management


This article describes how smartphones and tablets running different versions of the Android operating system can be managed with Miradore Online.



Although most of the Android devices can be managed without Google’s Android Enterprise features, we highly recommend you to create a Managed Google Play Enterprise account for your organization in Miradore Online. This enables additional and unified device management features and a secure company container for your mobile devices running Android 5.0 or newer – regardless of the device manufacturer. The picture below helps you choose the most suitable Android management method for you.


For instructions on how to get set up, see our article on How to configure Managed Google Play Enterprise.

Next you need to know that Android Enterprise actually offers two different modes for controlling Android devices:

  • The Work-Managed Device (a.k.a. device owner) mode gives you full control over the whole device, and it is the best choice for managing devices that are corporate-owned, personally enabled (COPE) or strictly used for working purposes only. To set this up, see our article on How to enroll Work-Managed Devices.
  • The Work Profile (a.k.a. profile owner) mode, on the other hand, is intended for managing employee-owned BYOD devices that are used for both working and personal matters. The Work Profile is literally a separate user profile or container on the personal device, which isolates the work data and applications from personal use. To set this up, see our article on How to enable the Work-Profile on Android devices.

If you are using the Miradore Online Free Plan, or you want to manage your devices with the basic mobile device management features that are offered in Miradore Online, then there's no need to create a Managed Google Play Enterprise account for your company. However, if you ever find yourself in need of these powerful features in the future, remember - you can upgrade to the Enterprise Plan at anytime.

To utilize just the basic features, follow the instructions given on the Enrolling a device page, or read our article on About device enrollment for more information about the basic Android device management methods and Samsung Knox.

Device identification

Android devices are identified by default by three identifiers: IMEI, Wi-Fi hardware address and serial number. There are some cases in which these are not reported correctly to our server.

  • Device doesn't have cellular radio and therefore doesn't have IMEI
  • Devices running Android 6+ which are not work managed devices can't report their correct Wi-Fi hardware addresses. 
  • Some devices are configured incorrectly from the factory and share the same serial number - we ignore some serial numbers as invalid (00000000,0123456789, etc.)

In these cases, we prevent enrollment for these devices by default. If you are using devices that don't report these correctly and can't enroll the devices, we suggest that you switch to use Android ID as device identifier in Infrastructure diagram - Android devices. This switch is permanent and can't be switched off after being turned on. 

Downside of this is the fact, that Android ID changes after device factory reset, and same devices can appear twice after wiping the device. Therefore after doing factory reset you should also delete the old device on Miradore Online.

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