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Enrolling a device


This article describes the most common way on how to add devices to Miradore Online one-by-one with a process known as device enrollment.

From the administrator's perspective, this basic device enrollment process is uniform on all device platforms, but there is some variation in the enrollment steps between the different platforms that the end-users need to go through during the enrollment process. 

At the end of this article, you will find tutorial videos demonstrating the enrollment process on different operating system platforms.


Before you start

The management of Apple devices requires the use of the Apple Push Notification service (APNs). To access the service, an installation of a company-specific certificate is required. Please see here on how to create an Apple Push Certificate.

It is recommended for iOS users to use the built-in Safari browser when enrolling their devices.


How to enroll a device to Miradore Online

The most straightforward method for enrolling a device is to use the device enrollment wizard that is available in the Enroll device view in Miradore Online.




In the first step of the wizard, you are asked to choose the platform of the device that you wish to add to Miradore Online.




Next, you're asked to enter the email address of the user who will receive this enrollment request. If you're enrolling a mobile device, you can also send the device enrollment request to the user as a text message by enabling the Send enrollment by SMS checkbox and filling in the user's phone number.



When you click Send enrollment invitation, Miradore Online automatically generates unique one-time enrollment credentials and sends them to the user with instructions to follow. When the user enrolls his/her device, Miradore Online uses the enrollment credentials to validate the enrollment and to add the device to your Miradore Online site.

The enrollment credentials are also shown to the administrator in the very last step of the enrollment wizard if he/she happens to have the device on hand during the enrollment. In that case, the administrator can enroll the device by simply clicking the provided link and using the shown enrollment credentials to complete the enrollment.




You can track the status of all device enrollments on the Enrollment > Enrollment log page in Miradore Online. The Status column indicates the status of the enrollment. When the enrollment is completed, you can view the device by double-clicking on it in that view.




This is how device enrollment looks to the device user on the different device platforms:


Apple iOS


Windows 10 desktop

Windows Phone


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