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2017-12-11 Miradore 4.6.0 release notes


We’re happy to announce the release of the new version of our IT systems management solution, Miradore Management Suite 4.6.0.



Dashboard viewers now have the option to view the data behind a dashboard chart or any of its segments, which helps them to understand the information in more detail.




There is now a possibility change the look of dashboard widgets so that they are consistent with company colors. Administrators can choose to use some of the predefined color themes or they can define a custom color theme.




Reporting dashboards can sometimes contain sensitive information that shouldn't be available for all users. Therefore, we added the possibility for administrators to restrict users' reader access to dashboards with the Dashboard is visible for setting which is located in the Dashboard item's main page. In addition, they can share dashboards with non-Miradore users using the Sharing link.


Software distribution

This versions adds a new setting Run as to the Package item which enables the package builders to choose the context for running the package installation. This means that you run packages for example in a local administrator's or logged in user's context.




Software asset management

In this version we've put special focus on making the management of software licenses easier. For example, in the License pools view, there are two new view tasks. One for adding permitted software to the license pools in the view, and another for importing license pools to Miradore using a CSV file.


Self-service portal for Mac users

The new version 1.6.0 of Miradore client for Mac OS X and macOS introduces two major improvements:

  • It enables management of macOS 10.13 High Sierra computers with Miradore Management Suite

  • It adds the possibility to use Miradore Self-service portal on Apple Macs. This means that Mac users can, among other things, request automatic software installations from administrator's approved list and check the information that is stored in the management system about their devices.


Integration to F-Secure Protection Service for Business

We're glad to release the first version of the Miradore connector for F-Secure Protection Service for Business (PSB).

Most importantly, this connector enables the import of antivirus and firewall information from F-Secure PSB cloud to Miradore Management Suite through the PSB Management API provided by F-Secure. In addition to that, the connector can release subscriptions in F-Secure PSB for assets that have been retired from use in Miradore Management Suite.


Web service API

We've made dozens of additions and improvements to the Miradore Management Suite web service API to improve the integration capabilities. These include support for basic patch management activities and for reading and processing asset data mismatch reports, just to mention a few examples. Please refer to the API specification document for more details.


Improved system performance

We're continuously working on optimizing the performance and usability of Miradore Management Suite.

Performance-wise, one of the greatest improvements in this version is that the old Java-based Patch manager component was entirely rewritten in C++. This improvement significantly reduces the memory consumption on the Miradore Management Suite server when processing and downloading new patches, and it also speeds up the patch scanning on the managed Windows computers up to 25%


Component updates

This version also contains a new version of the following Miradore components:

  • Miradore client for Windows 3.5.0
  • Miradore client for macOS 1.6.0
  • Miradore client for Linux 1.5.8
  • Miradore Endpoint Backup Client 6.2.5
  • Miradore Online connector 1.1.6
  • Miradore connector for Blancco Management Console 1.3.0
  • Miradore connector for F-Secure PSB 1.0.0

For more information about the release, please login to Miradore Support and downloads portal, check out the detailed list of improvements and download the update.

Best Regards,

Miradore Team



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