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Enrolling an iOS device


This article describes the steps required for enrolling an iOS device to Miradore Online. To learn more about the device enrollment process, check out the device enrollment overview. Mass enrollment is described here.

Before you begin, you need to create and install an Apple push certificate. If you haven't done this already, check how to create an Apple Push Certificate. 

Steps for enrolling an iOS device

1. You can start the enrollment either from the Welcome page or by navigating to the Devices view or the Enrollments view and selecting Enroll device action. In the Enrollment wizard, open the dropdown menu to select the user whose device you want to enroll.


2. Choose the user from the dropdown list. If the user has not yet been added to Miradore Online, see steps 2-1 and 2-2. Otherwise, you can proceed to step 3.


2-1. To add a user to Miradore Online, click Add from the bottom of the user list.


2-2. Fill in the user details and click the Add button.


3. After you have selected the user whose device is being enrolled, click Next.


4. Next, choose the device platform. Choose iOS and click Next.

Note! The platform selection is only shown on the Welcome Page Enrollment wizard! If you have not yet configured iOS management, go to step 4-1. Otherwise, you can proceed to step 5.


4-1. If you are greeted with the following screen, you have not yet installed your Apple certificate. The certificate needs to be installed prior to enrollment of any iOS devices. To create your Apple certificate, follow the instructions here and proceed with step 5.


5. Next, you can modify the email message sent to the user. After you have checked/modified the enrollment message click Next.


6. In this step you can send the enrollment message also by SMS. This requires you to enter the user's phone number if it's missing from the user's details.

Note! You need to include the country code in the phone number.


7. In the last step you can define the invitation expiration time. The one-time enrollment credentials do not work after the time has elapsed. Click Send enrollment message.


8. To follow the status of enrollments click the Enrollment link. Click Close to close the wizard. The Enrollment view shows the enrollment status as Queued.


On the device

9. The next steps needs to be taken by the user on the device to complete the enrollment.

Open the enrollment message.


 10. Scroll down to tap the enrollment link.


11. The Miradore Online MDM profile is prompted to be installed. Tap Install.


12. A confirmation note appears. Tap Install Now.


13. After a while, another confirmation note appears. Tap Install.


14. After the MDM profile installation is complete, tap Done.


On the Miradore Online management console

15. The enrollment is now complete. You can verify this from the Enrollments view in Miradore Online.


16. By double-clicking on the completed enrollment, you can view details about the enrolled device. The enrolled device will also appear in the list of Devices view under Mobile management in the navigation menu.


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