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User roles and permissions


Number of administrators

Miradore Online Free Plan users can only have one administrator account per site, whereas Business and Enterprise Plan users can invite unlimited number of administrators and editors. In the Enterprise Plan it's also possible to invite users with reader access only.


User roles and permissions

Currently Miradore Online provides three different permissions levels: Administrator, Editor, and Reader.

Administrator accounts have access to every feature of Miradore Online and can configure general system settings and user permissions.

Editor accounts have otherwise the same permissions than Administrators by default, but they just cannot access the System menu. In addition, tagging can be used to limit editor permissions even more so that he/she can only manage a specific group of devices. Editors are unable to see or manage devices that are outside their (tag-defined) permission level. Editor can't add or remove device or user tags either.

Readers have a read access to the entire system except the System menu, but they cannot edit anything.


How to invite new administrator/editor/reader

1. Navigate to System > Permissions and click Invite user from the page action menu.


2. Enter the email address of the new administrator you want to invite and choose the desired permission level. For the Editor level, you can define tags to further reduce his/her permissions.










When you're done click Invite.

3. In the last screen of the invitation wizard, you'll see a notification which tells you whether the invitation was successfully sent. You may exit by clicking Close.

4. The invited administrator receives an email with instructions of how to complete his/her registration. 


5. You can verify that the the activation and that administrator was successfully added by navigating back to System > Permissions


How to remove administrator/editor/reader

Removing permissions follows the same general flow as when inviting new administrators. Navigate to System > Permissions and start Delete action from the page action menu. Follow the on-screen instructions.


If you're a Free Plan user, consider upgrading your subscription if you're interested in inviting additional administrator, editor or reader accounts.

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