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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


Is the Free Plan really free?

Absolutely, and you can add an unlimited amount of devices with no credit card information required. With our Free Plan, you can identify, secure, and configure all or your devices.


Why do companies choose Miradore Online?

Based on the feedback from our customers, we're easy to use, provide superb customer service, and have attracting pricing. Have a look for yourself and see why companies choose Miradore and How our love of customer service earned us a 93% approval rating.


Is it possible to create multiple sites in Miradore Online with one user account?

Yes, you can create multiple sites to Miradore Online with one user account. For instructions, check out this article.


Can I try the Enterprise Plan for free?

Yes. We offer a 14-day free trial so you can try all features of Miradore Online Enterprise subscription without obligation to buy. After creating your account, you can activate the trial simply by hitting the Start trial button in Miradore Online. No credit card information is required. Nearing the end of the trial, we will contact you to discuss your next options.


Can I have some devices in the Free plan and others in a paid plan?

Yes, it is possible but you would need to create two different sites managed under the same user account.


Can I change the subscription plan anytime?

Yes. If you choose to pay by credit card, you are only charged monthly based on the amount of devices enrolled in the system and you can change or cancel the subscription plan at any time. If you choose to pay by invoice, this also applies, but all sales are final.


What are the methods of payment? Can I pay annually?

You may pay using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or by invoice. The credit card payment is always monthly and the minimum payment is 10 USD per month. If you choose to pay by invoice, a standard 12/24/36-month contract applies for all devices that will be enrolled. The invoice can be paid either by bank transfer or PayPal. The minimum invoice is 300 USD. Please contact us for other options.


Can I buy from a reseller?

Please contact us for information about a reseller in your country.


Do you offer a discount for Educational Institutions or Non-Profit Organizations?

 Yes, we offer discount on the Enterprise Plan. Please contact us for further information.


Which platforms does Miradore Online support?

Miradore Online supports the following mobile operating systems / platforms:

  • Android 4 and newer
    • If you need to enroll devices with an Android version older than 4, you can do so by using client version 2.5.6 or older. In these cases, Android 2.3.3 is the minimum supported version. Client version 2.5.6 can be downloaded from https://online.miradore.com/mdonline_b163.apk.
    • Latest Android client for Android versions 4 and newer is always available in Play Store and is also downloadable from https://online.miradore.com/mdonline.apk
  • iOS 4 and newer
  • Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile 
  • Windows 10 PC

Is Mac OS supported in Miradore Online?

Unfortunately not at this moment.


How do I uninstall Miradore Online from a device?

Uninstalling Miradore Online is also known as unenrollment. For instructions, check out this article.


Does Miradore Online have an integration interface / API?

Yes, Miradore Online does have an API. For more information, please refer to this article.


Why is the phone number field on the device inventory sometimes empty?

Phone number (see MSISDN) is information which can be stored on a SIM card, but this information can also be left blank. This varies between the cellular network operators and the SIM card and subscription types. The two primary reasons why the phone number is not stored on the SIM card are:

  • Dynamic MSISDN allocation: Prepaid SIMs are sometime allocated an MSISDN when they are first used. This means that the network has a pool of available MSISDNs and allocate them whenever a new prepaid SIM comes online. This means that when the SIMs are shipped they do not have an MSISDN yet, which means you can't store an MSISDN prior to shipping the SIMs. Some networks 'expire' MSISDN allocations after a period of inactivity, especially when their available numbers are running low, and return these numbers to the available pool.
  • Mobile Number Portability: Some countries allow mobile subscribers to keep their MSISDN but change networks. This means that the MSISDN will be moved from a SIM that is for one network to a SIM that is for another network.

Miradore Online inventory is able to read the phone number (MSISDN) field from device SIM card, but if the information does not exist on the SIM then the field in Miradore Online will also be blank.

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