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Getting started


This article describes the steps required to start managing your mobile devices with Miradore Online.


1. Register to Miradore Online.

Fill in a name for your company, your email address and a desired password.

The company name is used for naming your Miradore Online site. If you do not have a company or wish not to use it, you can enter any name, such as "John's mobile devices". A proper company name helps you to identify and access your site. In this case, the site can be later accessed from the address: https://johnsmobiledevices.online.miradore.com.

Please read and agree to the Miradore Online Terms of Service before registering.

After filling all of the required information, click Start Mobile Device Management. The Miradore Online site will now be created for you.


2. Enroll your first devices.

Check out instructions (and videos) on how to enroll iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

Before enrolling iOS devices, you need to create an Apple Push Certificate.


3. Add users.

To add users to your site, start by learning about users, locations, and organizations.

You can add users one-by-one or import them using a CSV file.


4. Invite other administrators.

If you want to share your workload with other administrators, you can invite other administrators to your site.


5. Add and deploy configuration profiles.

First, learn about configuration profiles.

Then, create configuration profiles and deploy them to the managed devices.



You now have a working Mobile Device Management service by Miradore Online in place.

For more information, you can familiarize yourself with the Miradore Online user interface and check your personal settings.

Be sure to check out all the other possibilities Miradore Online has to offer by exploring these support pages.

Please send comments to contact@miradore.com.