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This article instructs how to start managing your devices with Miradore Online. If you are not yet familiar with Miradore Online, please read What is Miradore Online and What device management capabilities Miradore Online offers.


Picture: Steps to get started with Miradore Online


1. Register to Miradore Online

Navigate to: https://login.online.miradore.com/register

Fill in the required information: name for your company, your email address, desired password and country.

The company name is used for naming your Miradore Online site. If you do not have a company or wish not to use it, you can enter any name, such as "John's mobile devices". A proper company name helps you to identify and access your site. In this case, the site can be later accessed from the address: https://johnsmobiledevices.online.miradore.com.

Please read and agree to the Miradore Online Terms of Service before registering.

Click Start now, and the Miradore Online site will be created for you.



2. Add users

The first user is created with the credentials given when registering a new site. After the site is created, there are several ways to create the organization and add device users to Miradore Online. More information about user management can be found from here


3. Enroll your first device

Your mobile devices need to be connected with the service in a process called enrollment. Basically, the device enrollment means installing an agent or MDM profile on the devices.

Miradore Online supports various device enrollment methods from which you can choose the most suitable for your needs. Usually, the enrollment method is selected based on device platform, the number of devices, and the level of management needed.

The simplest way to enroll your first device is described here in this article.

More information about the alternative device enrollment methods is provided here.


4. Explore the data collected from your device

After you have enrolled your first device(s) to Miradore Online, we recommend you to take a closer look at any of the enrolled devices. To do this, double-click on any device at the Management > Devices, or use the arrow icon on the rightmost end of the row.


This opens you the device page, where you can see a huge amount of information about your device, including installed applications, hardware specifications and settings ā€“ such as whether the device has a screen lock passcode set or not (picture below).


Read About device inventory for more information about the inventory information gathered by Miradore Online.


5. Enforce the use of passcodes

Having a strong screen lock passcode is a basic but very important technique in protecting mobile devices and data. Unfortunately, the responsibility of using a passcode falls too often on the shoulders of the device users, and there is no way to oversee or enforce the actual passcode usage.

With Miradore Online, there is a way, because it enables you to deploy a passcode policy to all managed devices, which enforces the users to set a passcode that meets the complexity requirements defined by you.

You can try this by deploying one of the default passcode configuration profiles to your devices through the Configuration profiles view, or you can define and deploy your very own passcode enforcement policy by following these instructions.


6. Activate your free Trial

Some of the Miradore Online features are only available in the paid subscriptions of Miradore Online. With the free trial, you get to test all the features included in Miradore Onlineā€™s Enterprise subscription without any commitments for 14 days.

You can start the trial whenever you want, but make sure to do it before continuing to steps 6-9 in this guide, because those steps deal with features that are not included in the Free Plan.


7. Track your devices on map

With the location tracking feature, you can track your devices and view their locations on map.



8. Set usage restrictions for your devices

Miradore Online also allows you to restrict the use of certain applications, contents, services, and devices features in your managed devices with configuration profiles. You can define and deploy restrictions in the Configuration profiles view.

The supported restrictions vary a bit between device platforms and device management methods, but one typical example is to restrict data roaming to avoid data roaming charges. For more information, please read About restrictions.


9. Deploy applications remotely

With the application deployment, you can remotely install in-house applications or applications from the platform-specific application store to your devices, which saves a great deal of time and efforts if you repeatedly have to prepare work devices with certain apps for the people in your organization.

For more information, please read About application management.


10. Automate device setups and policy deployments

Miradore Online not only allows you to create and deploy apps, configuration profiles and files to your devices manually, but it also allows you to automate the deployments based on certain rules. You can, for example, create a business policy that automatically deploys and enforces chosen applications and configuration profiles to the devices which have a certain tag, which is wonderful because it ensures that all your devices are and remain properly managed, and it reduces the administrative burden from the IT staff.

For more information, see About business policies and About tagging.



You now have a working Mobile Device Management service by Miradore Online in place.

For further reading, feel free to explore these support pages, tutorial videos and the Miradore Online Community.


Please send comments to contact@miradore.com.