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About device enrollment


In order to start managing your mobile devices and computers with Miradore Online, the devices need to be connected to the service with a process that is known as enrollment. Basically, the device enrollment process means installing an agent or an MDM profile on the device.

Miradore Online supports multiple different device enrollment methods. This article lists which device enrollment methods are available for different device platforms.

The enrollment method that is applicable or most suitable for your needs depends on your devices' operating system version, your current Miradore Online plan, the level of management that is needed, and also on the ownership of the devices (company-owned vs. employee-owned).


Before you start

The management of Apple devices requires the use of the Apple Push Notification service (APNs). To access the service, an installation of a company-specific certificate is required. Please see here on how to create an Apple Push Certificate.

It is recommended for iOS users to use the built-in Safari browser when enrolling their devices.

The use of Android Enterprise features requires Miradore Online Enterprise Plan or active trial.


Basic device enrollment methods

The below table lists the basic device enrollment methods.


Enrollment methods by platform Android 4.0 and newer iOS 5 and newer macOS 10.7 and newer
Windows 10 computers
Windows Phone 8.0 - 8.1
  Enroll devices one-by-one (email, SMS)
  Mass enrollment (email)
  Self-service enrollment
  Mass-enrollment using configuration file - - - -
  Android Enterprise Work-Managed Device √* - - - -
  Android Enterprise Work Profile √* - - - -
  Mass-enrollment using Apple configurator / MDM profile - - -
  Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) - ** √** - -

* This enrollment method requires Miradore Online Enterprise Plan and it is supported for Android 5.0 and newer devices. For more information, check Android Device Management.

** Apple DEP supports macOS computers starting from Mac OS X version 10.9 and iOS mobile devices starting from version 7.0.


Enrollment credentials

When enrolling a Windows Phone, or performing self-service enrollment, credentials are needed. Miradore Online generates the enrollment credentials and that includes a one-time-only valid username and password. The username format is ***@online.miradore.com and the password is four characters long. The enrollment credentials are included in the enrollment email message that is sent to the user.


Create enrollment credentials in Miradore Online

Administrators can create enrollment credentials in Company > Users page with the dropdown action button Enrollment.



What happens after successful enrollment?

  1. Inventory information is collected from the device and is sent to Miradore Online.
  2. The Device item page is generated based on the device inventory. It can be accessed from the Management > Devices list page.
  3. The enrollment status is set to Completed in the Enrollment > Enrollment log page.


Additional information:

Android Device Management


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