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About device enrollment


In order to start managing mobile devices in Miradore Online, the devices need to be connected with the service in a process called enrollment. Basically, the device enrollment process means installing an agent or an MDM profile on the device where method depends on the device platform.

Windows Phones and Apple iOS devices contain built-in platform support for mobile device management. For those platforms, enrollment requires installing of a pre-configured profile on the device. On Android devices, the platform is lacking a native built-in MDM interface, which is why the Miradore Online client needs to be installed on the device.


Prerequisites to enroll iOS devices

The management of iOS devices requires the use of the Apple Push Notification service (APNs). To access the service, installation of a company-specific certificate is required. See how to create an Apple Push Certificate.


Enrollment methods

Overview of enrollment methods by mobile platform iOS 4 and newer Android 2.3.3 and newer Windows Phone 8.0 - 8.1
  Memory card and USB connection - -
  Mass enrollment (email) -
  Single user enrollment (email, SMS)
  Self-service enrollment

1. Sending Email and SMS invitations

  • Sending invitations one-by-one. An administrator can enroll single devices by sending an email or a text message containing instructions for completing the enrollment on the end-user's device. Platform-specific enrollment instructions are available here: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.
  • Mass sending invitations. An administrator can enroll multiple users' devices simultaneously by sending an enrollment email to the device users from Miradore Online. The email contains instructions for completing the enrollment on the end-users' devices. More information is available here.

2. Self-service enrollment. The users can enroll their devices by themselves by navigating to online.miradore.com/enroll and following the given instructions. More information is available here.

3. APK file installation for Android. Usually the Miradore Online client for Android is installed from the Google Play store, but the client can also be installed from an APK installer file. This is a useful option in scenarios where you are enrolling devices without a Google Play account configured, for example in a pre-installation scenario where devices are not assigned to end-users yet.

To install the client from the APK installer, you need to allow application installations from Unknown sources in the device's Settings > Security menu.

The client installation from the APK installer also supports the use of a predefined custom configuration file. This method automates the client configuration on the device end and removes the need to type in enrollment credentials. For more information, please see Android mass enrollment using a custom configuration file 

If the client is installed from an APK file without using a custom configuration file, the client will prompt for enrollment credentials, as it does when installed from Google Play.

4. Create enrollment credentials at the management console. An administrator can create enrollment credentials at the management console. This makes it easy for administrators to enroll, configure and prepare the devices before delivering those to the users.


Enrollment credentials

When enrolling a Windows Phone, or performing enrollment as self-service, enrollment credentials are needed. Miradore Online generates the enrollment credentials and they include a one-time-only valid username and password. The username format is ***@online.miradore.com and the password is four characters long. The enrollment credentials are included in the enrollment email message that is sent to the user.


What happens after successful enrollment?

  1. Inventory information is collected from the device and sent to Miradore Online.
  2. The Device page is generated based on the device inventory. It can be accessed from the Devices view.
  3. Enrollment status is set to Completed in the Enrollments view.


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