About Apple Push Certificate


Enrollment and management of Apple devices with Miradore Online require the company-specific Apple Push Certificate. This certificate ensures the secure communication between Miradore and your Apple devices. You will need an Apple ID for obtaining the Apple Push Certificate. We suggest you to use the existing corporate Apple ID, instead of any personal Apple IDs, for this purpose. If there isn't one yet, you can create the corporate Apple ID from the login page of the Apple Push Certificates portal.

The Apple Push Certificates are only valid for one year at a time, and needs to be renewed every year. The Push certificate can be renewed only with the same Apple ID that was used to create the certificate. Therefore, it is highly recommended to create the certificate with an Apple ID, which can be accessed by all the administrators of your organization.


Apple Push Notification service and Apple Push Certificate

Apple Push Notification service (APNs) is a service hosted by Apple Inc. and it is used to send requests, push notifications, from Miradore to the managed iOS and macOS devices. The security of the communication is ensured by using TLS peer-to-peer authentication to validate the connections from Miradore Online to APNs, and APNs to managed devices. This is done with Apple Push Certificates. Apple Push Certificate helps APNs to identify the provider of the push notifications and the application that receives the push notifications.

Apple’s terms of service require that each legal entity that manages Apple devices, must acquire its own certificate. Therefore, certificates cannot be preconfigured for the users of Miradore Online, but they must do it by themselves for each Miradore Online site.

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