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About user interface


This article describes the contents and use of Miradore Online graphical user interface.


Main user interface elements

The user interface of Miradore Online consists of the following key elements:

  • Navigation menu is your menu for navigating around Miradore Online views.
  • Content area displays the contents of the selected view.
  • From the Actions menu, you can launch view specific actions. The actions menu can be hidden and shown again by clicking the Actions tab on the upper-left corner of the Actions menu.
  • Information banner area is not visible all the time, but it appears if there is something important you should notice. So in daily use the content area starts right from the top of the page.


Top corner menus

From the top-right corner, you can find following menus:

  • Through Contact and feedback form you can contact our support and send us feedback.

  • Under User menu you can edit your personal settings (My Settings) or Sign out.

  • Notifications center displays the device notifications as well as the Miradore Online service update related notifications.

  • Under the Help menu there are direct links to our documentation and support resources such as Product guide, Community, News and updates, and Upcoming features.


Item pages

An item page, such as the Device page, shows information related to an individual configuration item, in this example, a device.

  • On the top, Basic information of the device is shown. This includes details such as device model and operating system, device user, when the device last connected, business policy compliance and device tags.

  • The map area on top shows the device location either based on location tracking (if enabled) or based on the manually selected location information on the Settings tab.
  • Tabs show different details of the device, such as device hardware inventory information and installed applications. On settings tab you can configure for example the device user. Events tab shows a log of all configuration profile and application deployments and security events targeted on this device.
  • Actions menu shows the actions that can be performed to the device.

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