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Creating reports


This article describes how reports are created using the report builder. To learn more about reports in Miradore Online, see About reports.

The report builder is available in the Business and Enterprise plans of Miradore Online, but not in the Free plan. If you're a free plan user and interested in using the report builder, consider upgrading your site subscription. For instructions, please check How to upgrade subscription.



Steps for creating a report

1. To access the report builder, navigate to My reports under the My stuff menu and click the Create new report button on the bottom of the report list.


2. The Create new report wizard opens. In the first step, you can define conditions for searching your devices from Miradore Online. All devices matching the conditions will be included in the report. The search query may include multiple conditions. If no search query is defined, all devices will be listed in the report.


A search query consists of groups (1) and conditions (2). The conditions are comparisons of individual attribute values (e.g. device location = Berlin) and groups bind the conditions together to form logical statements (e.g. location = Berlin OR location = Hamburg).


You can add and remove groups and conditions by clicking the corresponding buttons in the wizard.


You can form a hierarchy of the logical statements. A preview of the logical statement is shown in the wizard, below the graphical representation of the search query.

Example 1: You want to search for devices of which model is either "iPad" or "iPhone" and the manufacturer is "Apple". This can be achieved with the following search query:


Example 2: Building a report which displays all Android devices that are located in Helsinki, and are rooted or do not have a screen lock password set.


After defining the filters for your report, click Next.


3. In the next step, you can select the columns you wish to see in your report. Add at least one column to your report and click Next. You can use the add and remove buttons, double click the columns, or just simply drag&drop the desired columns to your report.


4. Name the report appropriately and give a description for it. Click Create.


5. Your report is now complete and you can view it by clicking its title. If you need to modify your report, click Edit on the right. To delete your report, click Delete.


6. Example of the completed report:


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