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About Miradore Online API


Miradore Online API (Application Programming Interface) is a REST based web service which is intended for integrating Miradore Online with external information systems. It is used over HTTPS with the GET method to export data directly from the database of Miradore Online in XML format.

Note: The API is not available in the Free plan. See Plans and pricing for more information.

Getting started

In Getting started with API, step-by-step instructions are explained for how to start using the API.

Programmer's guide

The Programmer's guide explains in depth the syntax of the query string and options available. It contains many examples and a list of all available attributes you may query using the API.

Authentication keys

All API requests are authenticated with an authentication key, and the authentication keys are managed in the management console of each Miradore Online site. The tasks related to the management of the API authentication keys are explained in Adding API keys and Deleting API keys.



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