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Adding API keys


Miradore Online API keys are used for authenticating the data queries that are passed via the API. If you are going to integrate Miradore Online with multiple information systems, you might want to create a separate authentication key to be used with each information system. In order to create new API authentication keys, follow the instructions below.

1. Navigate to System > Infrastructure diagram in the Navigation menu of Miradore Online.


2. Hover on the blue API icon, and start the key generation wizard by clicking Create key. You should be able to see the existing API keys (if applicable) in the popup while hovering on the icon.

3. In the wizard, enter a descriptive name for the API key. The name will later help you to remind what it is used for.


4. Next, you are asked to confirm the creation of the API key. Before you do that, it is important to write down or otherwise save the authentication key, because for security reasons, it cannot be seen from the user interface of Miradore Online afterwards. However, once you click Create key, the authentication key will be activated and sent to you by email as well.


5. Finally, you should see a notification telling whether the key was created successfully. Miradore Online has now sent the authentication key to your email address. In addition to the key, the email contains a few example queries that you may find helpful when starting to use the API.


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