Tutorial videos and webinars




You can find all tutorial videos regarding Miradore Online from this page. Videos about general topics are listed first, and after that, you can find more platform-specific videos.

General Duration
Getting started with Miradore Online 4:17
Managing Windows 10 devices in Miradore Online 15:13
Preparation and deployment of configuration profiles 3:07
Creating custom reports with report builder 2:29
Business policy enforcement 37:46
App stores for consumer and business use 1:49
Data handling and privacy requirements set by the GDPR 25:54
MSP Portal 6:53


For Android Management Duration
Introduction to Android management & enrollment methods 5:38
Enrollment of Android device(s) 3:17
Mass enrollment methods for Android 16:21
Android zero-touch enrollment 9:01
Application deployment for Android 26:40
Android Enterprise Overview 21:38
Comparison of Android management methods 15:58
Android Enterprise | Work Managed Device mode 18:00
How to comply with HIPAA regulations and secure your devices 40:30
Securing Android devices to comply with GDPR 22:47
How to deploy company contacts to Android devices 6:46


For iOS Management Duration
Enrollment of iOS device(s) 3:27
Benefits of iOS Supervised mode and Apple DEP 4:27
Comparison of iOS enrollment methods 39:45
Introduction to Apple DEP 3:12
Securing iOS devices 17:26
Setting restrictions for iOS devices 21:15
Application deployment for iOS 16:53
Managed App Configurations for iOS 16:49
A webinar about Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) 21:50
Enrolling any iOS 11 device to Apple DEP 25:07
Apple Device Enrollment program 35:20


For macOS Management Duration
Enrollment of macOS devices 4:04


For Windows Management Duration
Enrollment of Windows desktops 7:27
Azure AD enrollment 6:09


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