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Remotely resetting device passcode


Remote passcode reset is a useful mobile device management security feature. It allows to remotely reset passcode and lock the device so that a generated passcode is required to continue using it, for example, if the device gets lost or stolen.

Effective use of remote lock requires that a passcode has been set for the device. For this reason, it is useful to enforce a passcode policy for managed mobile devices. The reset passcode feature is supported on Android and Windows Phone 8.1 or later devices. NOTE! Android 8 and newer is not supported.

NOTE: On Android devices running Android 7.0 or later, Reset passcode no longer work with regular Device administrator privileges, if user has set a passcode. If there's no passcode set, Reset passcode works and the passcode will be changed. If the device was enrolled with Miradore Online client as Device owner, Reset passcode works even if there's an active passcode.

Steps for remotely resetting passcode

1. Open the Devices view from the Mobile management menu. From the list of devices, select the device which passcode you wish to reset and select the Reset passcode action from the Actions menu.


2. From the opened Reset passcode wizard, verify that the device and its user are correct and click Reset.

The new passcode is generated and sent to the administrator who performs the Reset passcode action. The new passcode can also be sent to the device user by checking the Send new passcode also to device user checkbox.


3. After the Reset passcode action has started, you can follow its progress by opening the Events view from the Mobile management menu. The Events view shows the status of the performed security actions.


4. After the device passcode has been reset and the device locked, the generated passcode which is sent via email, needs to be entered to continue to use the device.

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