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About tagging


Device tags are useful for identifying, grouping and searching devices. Tags can be used to represent the device role, status or usage, or any other property for that matter. With tags, it is easy to find and manage named groups of devices.


How to manage tags

You can manage device tags from the My Company > Users and Mobile management > Devices pages where they are available as columns and filters. Select the devices or users for the tags you wish to manage and use the Add and Remove tags wizards from the Actions pane.

When a User is associated with a Device, the user's tags are also in effect for that device, allowing for automatic user settings configuration with Business Policies.



You can select previously used tags from a list, or if you need to add a new tag, just type it in and click Add or press Enter. To remove a tag you just need to click on the ‘X’.


It is also possible to manage tags from the Device page. You can edit device tags directly in the Tags field. Tags inherited from the user item are shown as grayed out and can only be modified from the user item.


Where can tags be used?

Tags are used in identifying, grouping and searching devices in Miradore Online. When you navigate to Mobile management > Devices you can see the current list of enrolled devices in your Miradore Online site. The Tag column can be used to see what tags are assigned to each device and filter the devices you want to see or search. Tags can also be used in My reports as a filter and selectable column when you create your own custom report.


In addition tags can be used to assign permissions to Editor level administrators. When you invite a new Editor to your Miradore Online site, you can assign tags to the account. Devices, enrollments and other related data are automatically filtered to include only the devices with matching tags. Editors are unable to see or modify devices that are outside their (tag-defined) permission level.

Moreover, tags are used in business policies to define a group of devices where the policy applies. In other words, chosen applications and configuration profiles, for example, passcode requirements, restrictions and Wi-Fi configurations, can be automatically installed to a group of devices defined by tags. This makes tagging an effective tool to ensure that enrolled devices are compliant with company policies and security regulations. In addition, it eases administrative work since required configuration profiles and applications are deployed automatically to enrolled devices.


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