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Remotely clearing device passcode


Clearing the passcode removes the passcode from the device. If a device passcode is forgotten, clearing the passcode from the device can make it accessible again.

Feature is supported on iOS platform.

Note! It is recommend that a new device passcode is set as soon as the old passcode has been cleared!

Steps for remotely clearing passcode

1. Open the Devices view from the Management menu. From the list of devices, select the device which passcode you wish to clear and select Clear passcode from the Actions menu.


2. From the opened Clear passcode wizard, verify that the device and its user are correct and click Clear.


3. After the Clear passcode action has started, you can follow its progress by opening the Events view from the Mobile management menu. The Events view shows the status of the performed security actions.


4. After the passcode has been cleared it is recommended that the device user sets a new passcode.

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