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About notifications and alerts


Miradore Online contains a notification system that notifies administrators of issues that require their attention.

There are different kind of notifications and they are configurable so you can decide which type of issues or events you want to be notified about. Service updates and alerts are an obvious source for notifications but some environments require also notifications of discrepancies between security policies and the managed devices. For example, some devices may not have a passcode set, or an Android device may have been rooted.

The easiest way to detect these devices is to use notifications, i.e. to get an automatic notification if such a device is found. Device notifications are shown in the Notifications center (icon  top-right corner of the screen) and sent to you in an email if you have enabled that option.

Available notifications

The following table lists all the available notifications and their descriptions in Miradore Online.

Notification type Notification Description
  Service update

Get notifications about Miradore Online service feature updates and service breaks.

  Service alert Get notified if some part of Miradore Online service requires your attention. For further instructions, see Service alerts.
Management status    
  Device enrolled

Get notified about new devices that have been enrolled.

  Device has become unmanaged

Get notified when a Windows Phone device becomes unmanaged for an unknown reason.

Device removed from MDM by user

Get notified if the management profile is removed from a device by its end-user.

Device unenrolled
Get notified about devices that have been unenrolled.
Devices offline

Get notified when a device hasn't been seen during the last 7 days.

Operator network
  Device roaming

Get notified about iOS and Android devices where data roaming is enabled.

  SIM card changed Get notified about devices where the SIM card has been changed or removed.
Security actions    
  Device locked

Get notified about devices that have been locked using Miradore Online security actions.

  Device wiped

Get notified about devices that have been wiped using Miradore Online security actions.

  Passcode cleared

Get notified about iOS devices where the passcode has been cleared using Miradore Online security actions.

  Passcode reset

Get notified about Android or Windows Phone devices where the passcode has been reset using Miradore Online security actions.

Security issues    
  Device administration disabled

Get notified about Android devices where the Miradore Online client has not been granted the required device administration privileges. To fix the problem, grant the device administration privileges in the device security settings or re-enroll the device.

  Device passcode not set

Get notified about devices which do not have a passcode set.

  Device rooted

Get notified about rooted Android devices.

Configuring device notifications

Navigate first to My settings by clicking your account menu (user icon ) on upper right corner of the screen and select My settings.


On My settings page, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you will find Notification settings. Click Edit.

Select the issues you would like to be notified and click Save.

Notifications of the selected issues will now be shown in the Notifications center (the exclamation mark top-right corner of the screen) and sent to you in email if you have selected the option to do so.

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