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iOS USB enrollment with Apple Configurator


This article describes how iOS devices can be enrolled to Miradore Online using a USB connection and Apple Configurator.

An administrator can export an MDM profile from Miradore Online and install it to the devices with Apple Configurator. This makes it easy for administrators to enroll, configure and prepare the devices before delivering those to the users. In addition, the USB enrollment method enables additional MDM features, such as supervised mode for iOS device management. See the video below for more information.

The management of iOS devices requires the use of the Apple Push Notification service (APNs). To access the service, installation of a company-specific certificate is required. See how to create an Apple Push Certificate.


1. Navigate to System > Infrastructure diagram. Then choose iOS devices component and click Export MDM profile to download the profile.


2. Open the Apple Configurator application and import the downloaded MDM profile (profile.mobileconfig) to the profiles section of the Prepare tab. Here you can also define some initial configurations, such as device name and if supervised mode is enabled for the enrolled devices.

Step 2 with Apple Configurator 2

To enroll devices with Apple Configurator 2, you need to first prepare the devices without an MDM server. After the device has been prepared, you can install the MDM profile.

Install the profile to the selected device in Apple configurator 2 by selecting Actions - Add - Profiles ... (Select your downloaded profile.mobileconfig).

3. Connect an iOS device to the computer using a USB connection and click the Prepare button from the bottom. This enrolls device to Miradore Online.


4. Once the configuration and enrollment has completed, Navigate to Mobile management > Devices and check that the device can be found from the devices list.

Note: The exported MDM profile works on iOS 5 or newer devices. In order to enroll older devices you need to edit the MDM profile document as the following:





If you wish to disable the exported MDM profile, navigate to System > Infrastructure diagram and generate a new one. The previously generated profile is then invalidated.


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