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Why upgrade to the Enterprise Plan?


Get access to all features of Miradore Online

The Enterprise plan gives unlimited access to all the features of Miradore Online. The Enterprise plan not only lets you use all the features included in the Free and Business plans, but it also unlocks a bunch of restricted features that are not available in the Free or Business plans.

Application management

Application management is a feature that allows you to remotely deploy applications to your managed Android and iOS devices. In addition, with blacklists and whitelists, you are able to prohibit the installation and use of unwanted applications in Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

For more information, please read About application management.

Business policies

Business policies allow for administrators to automatically deploy configurations and applications to a group of devices. This means that chosen applications and configuration profiles, for example, passcode requirements and Wi-Fi configurations, can be automatically installed/enforced to device groups. Additionally, for Android devices, it is even possible to automate the deployment of files. This makes it an effective tool for ensuring that enrolled devices are and stay compliant with company policies and security regulations. By automating the often-repeated routines, you save on man-hours from the administration work, and reduce the possibility of human error.

For more information, please read About business policies.

File management for Android

File management enables Enterprise plan customers to remotely deploy files to specified folders on managed Android devices from the user interface of Miradore Online. The deployed files can be remotely deleted from the managed devices as well.

For more information, please read About file management.

Kiosk mode

The Kiosk mode configuration profile, available in the Enterprise plan, can be used to lock down Samsung KNOX devices and Supervised iOS devices into a single application, which prevents the device end-users from leaving the specified application. Administrators can define which application is launched and configure additional restrictions for buttons and device features. Kiosk mode cannot be removed by the device end-users.

For more information, please read About configuration profiles.

Role-based user permissions

In the Free and Business plans, all Miradore Online users have administrator privileges, meaning that all Miradore Online users are able to see and manage all devices, modify service-wide settings, and change the subscription of the site.

In the Enterprise plan, however, it is possible to set users as editors. The users with an editor role cannot modify the system wide settings, the service subscription, or the user permissions. In addition, administrators can also use device tags to restrict the editors’ visibility to certain devices only. Thus, it is a safe way to share the administrative work with other users and restrict the visibility to such devices that are used at another department, for example.

Web clip / Shortcut deployment

Web clip configuration profiles can be used to create web clips, i.e. web bookmarks, to the home screen of managed Apple iOS devices. A web clip can point to a web page or web app and the target will be launched in the device's web browser when device end-user taps it.

Similarly, web shortcut configuration profiles can be used to create shortcuts to the home screen of managed Android devices.

For more information, please read Web shortcuts for Android and Web clips for iOS.


The Miradore Online API (Application Programming Interface) is a REST based web service, which is intended for integrating Miradore Online with external information systems. It is used over HTTPS with GET method to export data directly from the database of Miradore Online in XML format.

For more information, please read About Miradore Online API.

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