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Messaging users


Administrators can notify users by sending messages to their devices through Miradore Online. The messages will appear as notifications on the devices, from where the users can read the messages.

Currently, messaging users is supported only on Android devices and require Miradore Online Android client version 2.3.0 or newer. Messaging users is available for subscribers of the Miradore Online Business and Enterprise plans.


1. Go to the device page of the device to which you wish to send a message and click the Send message action.


2. Enter the message you wish to send to the device user and click the Send message button.


3. On the target device, the message appears as a notification in the notification area. The user taps the notification.


4. After the notification has been tapped, the message is shown to the user.



The delivery status of the messages can be seen from the Mobile management > Events page or from the device events. You can also send messages on multiple devices at once from Mobile management > Devices page or from any configured My report

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