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Hardware Asset Management


Hardware asset management functions supported in Miradore Management Suite:


Asset discovery and inventory

Miradore gives you accurate knowledge of what physical systems and equipment exist and where they are located. It also provides a huge amount of automatically captured inventory data about hardware assets and their use.


Management of financial and contractual information

Miradore lets you enrich the automatically gathered inventory data with information about IT contracts, purchase details, and device warranties.


Lifecycle management

Assets have a predefined lifecycle in Miradore, which ensures that all hardware assets are managed and tracked from procurement to disposal according to a standardized process.


Reporting and quality management

Dozens of out-of-the-box reports and quality index indicators plus a custom report builder cover all your reporting needs and let you export and share the information with ease.


Monitoring and maintenance

Hardware usage and changes are logged with details, which enables proactive monitoring and maintenance of assets.


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