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Part II: Configuring basic items


This article guides you through the configuration of basic items in Miradore Management Suite.

At the bare minimum, you must have some location, organization, and user items configured and activated before you can start to use Miradore Management Suite.


Location item

For a reliable asset registry, we must always know assets' location. For this, we need to create Location items.

1. Open up the Administration > Basic settings view. Here, you can configure all configuration items. We'll start with Location items. Under Locations, click on the Create new tool.

2. Give the location a name, and save it. After that, use the Tasks > Send approval request and Tasks > Approve tools to activate the location. You can then close the tab. In normal conditions, all users cannot activate newly added locations. Therefore, the approval workflow is there, if you were wondering why it's needed.


Organization item

Organization: Knowing the organizational branch where an asset belongs to is likewise of utmost importance, and mandatory information. Thus, we need to create Organization items.

1. You can also create new configuration items by hitting ALT+N at any time. Let's try this for creating a new Organization item.

2. With the new organization item, perform the same steps that you did with the Location item, give it a name, and then save and approve it.


User items

Furthermore, all assets must have a responsible person. For this, user items are needed.

1. You can create Users from the Operations > Users view or by hitting ALT+N in the same manner as was mentioned earlier. Notice that if you have Microsoft Active Directory, you might want to skip the user creating process and import the user data from the Microsoft Active Directory instead.

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