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2016-06-16 Miradore 4.3.1 release notes


Miradore Management Suite 4.3.1 is now available. The new version brings improvements especially to Miradore’s asset and patch management modules.

Release highlights:

– Three new quality index indicators for measuring and reporting the status of security patch management. The added indicators are named: “Security patches not scanned”, “Security patches not installed” and “Security patches waiting for reboot”.

– New configuration options for patch management:

Maintenance windows can be used to schedule a time slot or time slots when Miradore is only allowed to perform security patch installations on managed computers. The benefit of having planned maintenance windows is that users don’t get disturbed by the maintenance activities during normal business hours when they’re working.

Reboot options, on the other hand, allow security administrators to define what happens at the managed computer after Miradore has installed a security patch (or patches) that requires a computer restart. The user may be prompted to reboot the computer manually with or without reboot postpone options, or the computer can be restarted automatically by the system.

– A new version of Microsoft Active Directory integration connector comes with a configurator utility “ad_connector_configurator.exe” which makes it possible to add multiple Miradore – Microsoft Active Directory connectors on one host computer.

– Other improvements to the Microsoft Active Directory connector add more flexibility to the connector configuration. When administrators were previously required to configure one specific domain controller, they can now leave the option undefined and Miradore detects the domain controller automatically. Alternatively, the administrators are now also able to configure additional domain controllers as backup if they prefer operational reliability over automation.

– 21 minor improvements & 24 bug fixes

We highly recommend updating the following Miradore components in your environment to their latest versions:

Miradore connector for Microsoft Active Directory 2.8.0

Miradore client for Windows 3.4.2

For more information about the release, login to Miradore Support and downloads portal, check out the detailed list of improvements and download the update.

Miradore Management Suite 4.3.1 Release Notes

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