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Part V: Deploying Miradore clients


The Miradore client acts as an endpoint component for all managed devices. In managed computers, the Miradore client is responsible for package installations, running inventory scans, and communicating the client status to the Miradore server.


How to deploy Miradore clients

  1. Navigate to the Operations > Connectors data > Active Directory > Computers view in Miradore Management Suite, and use the Tasks > Tools > Install Miradore client... tool to deploy the Miradore client to the target computers.

  2. You can then follow the deployment status in the Operations > Asset management > Enrollments > Windows devices view. A deployment typically lasts around one minute. In case errors appear into the Result column, fix them and the deployment will be retried again an hour later. Once the deployment is ready, it takes around 2-3 minutes for the Miradore client to gather inventory information from the device and send it to the Miradore server.

  3. An asset configuration item will be automatically generated for the device when it sends the inventory information to the Miradore server. You can find all asset configuration items in Operations > Assets by name view. The asset's lifecycle status will be automatically set to Active if Miradore Management Suite is able to detect the device's logged in user, location, and organization information. If not, then the asset configuration item remains in a AutoGenerated lifecycle status, waiting for the administrator to fill in the missing information.

  4. The administrator can enter the missing information by first opening the item from the Assets by name view, and then choosing Edit from the Asset configuration item's toolbar. After that, the administrator is able to define the responsible person, location, and organization information for the asset.

  5. After the first Miradore client deployment (unless you deployed the client to the server itself), the system also auto-generates a Subnet configuration item containing network information. You can find all the Subnet items from the Administration > Basic settings > TCP/IP settings > Subnets view.

  6. Open up the newly generated Subnet item, and set a Location for it. After that, approve the Subnet using the Tasks > Change status > Approve menu option from the toolbar.

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