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Part VI: Basic usage


The most important view in Miradore Management Suite is the Operations > Assets > By name view, which lists all the managed devices and contains the most commonly needed tools for the day-to-day device management.


You can drill into Asset configuration items and view the gathered inventory information by opening the Asset configuration items from the view.


Also check out the Report builder in Operations > Report builder if you want to build customized reports in addition to the default views. You can find instructions for using the Report builder, and the entire Miradore Management Suite from the Product guide section. Make sure you especially read the Administrators guide.

You can find more detailed instructions for the use of Miradore Management Suite from the full product guide at: https://support.miradore.com/Help/Miradore_Basics/Elements_of_Miradore/Basic_usage_of_Miradore.htm


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