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Modules of Miradore Management Suite


Miradore Management Suite consists of six modules that provide centralized tools for different areas of IT systems management.


Hardware Asset Management

Hardware asset management gives you exact knowledge of your devices and their status, which means you can say no to rogue devices in your company network.

For more information, please read Hardware Asset Management.


Software Asset Management

Software assets are a big part of your IT spending, so they deserve dedicated management and optimization. Happily, software audits don’t have to be scary!

For more information, please read Software Asset Management.


Operating System and Software Deployment

Automating routine manual actions improves service quality and greatly reduces operative costs. In short, less waiting time equals happier end users.

For more information, please read Operating System and Software Deployment.


Patch Management

Updating software and operating system patches automatically is vital for service quality. It also eliminates major security risks.

For more information, please read Patch Management.


Endpoint Backup

Losing work is incredibly frustrating. Miradore’s automated endpoint backup means you no longer need to worry about lost files.

For more information, please read Endpoint backup.


Remote Assistance and Control

Increase end users’ satisfaction with fast and secure support at work and on the move – whenever they need it.

For more information, please read Remote Assistance and Control.

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