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Part I: Installing Miradore Management Suite


This guide walks you through the installation of Miradore Management Suite.


  • General IT knowledge
  • Knowledge about how TCP/IP networks work
  • Knowledge about installing and using Windows programs
  • Knowledge about using web browser


  • Installing the Miradore Management Suite server
  • Configuring basic items (Organization, Location, Subnet)
  • Installing the Miradore connector for Microsoft Active Directory
  • Installing the Miradore client deployer
  • Deploying Miradore clients to computers found in Microsoft Active Directory


Step-by-step guide to the Miradore server installation

  1. Navigate to https://support.miradore.com, and download the latest full installer, and install it.
  2. Select at least the Miradore server to be installed. Installation point setup is also recommended.

  3. Make sure that server name is, or resolves and IP client, where computers can connect to, on the selected port. Selecting HTTPS is recommended. Also configure an HTTPS certificate if selecting HTTPS. HTTP and port 80 are fine for testing purposes. After the installation, you'll connect to the server using a browser at https://<ServerName>/<InstanceName>.

  4. After configuring the connection address, configure the database options. The included SQL Express should be fine at least for managing 2 000 devices.

  5. If you want to test mail alerts, configure an SMTP server as well.

  6. Select an admin password for logging onto the server. Remember this, as without it, you'll be not able to log in after the installation.

  7. Verify settings and hit "Next" to install.

  8. After the installation has finished, connect to the server at http(s)://<server>/<instance>, for example,, and log in with your administrator credentials that you entered within the installer.

  9. You'll be presented with an empty environment after logging in. Navigation is on the left. Under the Operations menu, you'll find all the views for the day-to-day operations, asset management, software management, and other data. On the other hand, under the Administration menu, you'll find configuration tools and settings. The most important part is the Product guide in the lower left hand corner.

Next, see Configuring basic items in Miradore Management Suite.

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