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2016-10-17 Miradore 4.4.0 release notes


Miradore Management Suite 4.4.0 has been released and here’s a summary of the changes and new features:

Automation Engine

Automation Engine is a new Miradore component which runs on the central server and executes scheduled automation tasks. The automation tasks are configured with Automation task items in the Automation tasks view.

In this first version, the automation tasks enable the administrators to create scheduled reports with email delivery and configure automatic package deployments to the asset configuration items listed in the reports.

The development of the automation tasks will be continued in the next versions of Miradore Management Suite, so please, feel free to send us feedback regarding the feature.


Improvements to the installations management

This release introduces location-specific bandwidth management settings for the package distributions, controls for pausing and resuming the package distributions, settings for excluding files and folders from the installation point replication, and altogether 13 bug fixes to the installations management features.


Web service API

The web service API was enhanced once again by bringing several new attributes available. For example, it’s now possible to create report builder reports of asset configuration items whose responsible person belongs to a certain Active Directory user group and create a group distribution for them.


Hiding of the user interface elements

Miradore Management Suite now hides the related views and menu tasks from the user interface if the installations management or remote control feature is disabled in the environment. These features can be enabled for use if they are included in the entered Miradore license.


Important security notice

Two possible security vulnerabilities were recently found from the earlier versions of Miradore server in an independent security audit. No exploits have been reported, but we strongly recommend all of our customers to upgrade their Miradore Management Suite instances to the latest version. Customers can find more information about the vulnerabilities from the Miradore support site.


Component updates

This version also contains a new version of the following Miradore components:

    Miradore client for Windows 3.4.3
    Miradore client for macOS/OSX 1.5.5
    Miradore client for Linux 1.5.5
    Miradore connector for Blancco Management Console 1.2.0
    Miradore MSP Console connector 1.5.6

For more information about the release, login to Miradore Support and downloads portal, check out the detailed list of improvements and download the update.

    Miradore Management Suite 4.4.0 Release Notes
    Download Miradore Management Suite 4.4.0

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