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Part III: Installing connector to Microsoft Active Directory


Miradore Management Suite comes with multiple ready-made connectors that can be used to integrate Miradore with third-party information systems. This article briefly describes how to install the Miradore connector for Microsoft Active Directory.


The required network connections are shown in the picture below. Note that you can install the connector on the Miradore server as well, if it can connect to the domain controller.

Installation steps:

  1. You can find the connector installer from the following location at your Miradore server installation directory: C:\Program Files\Miradore\Server\Miradore\Connectors\Active Directory.
  2. Enter the Miradore server name or IP, the instance name, and other connection information to the installer. Remember to check the "Ignore SSL errors" checkbox if you're using a self-signed certificate. After this, hit "Next" until the installer finishes.

  3. Open up Windows Task Scheduler, find the Miradore AD connector task and run it.

  4. Go to Miradore Management Suite and open up the "Administration > System settings > Connectors". You should see a Microsoft Active Directory connector in a Failed status. Open up the item. In case nothing is available, check the logs at: C:\Program Files\Miradore\Connectors\AD\Logs.

  5. Switch into Edit mode by clicking on the Edit button on the toolbar. Set the status to Active, enter the Domain controller IP, and enter credentials that have a read access to the Microsoft Active Directory.

  6. Next, enter the DN scope to the User objects settings, Computer objects settings, and Group objects settings. For example, DC=miradore, DC=com for the entire miradore.com domain. Then hit save.

  7. Open up Windows Task Scheduler once more and Run the AD connector again. After that, reload the connectors page in the system settings of Miradore, and you should see Success in the result column. If you click on the blue Success text, you'll see what data was imported from the Microsoft Active Directory to Miradore.

  8. After a minute or two when the successful connector run is complete, you can find the imported data under Operations > Connectors data > Active Directory in the user interface of Miradore Management Suite. You can also find the imported user data under Operations > Users.

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