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Part IV: Installing Miradore client deployer


At least one Miradore client deployer is needed for deploying the Miradore clients (management agents) to your computers remotely.



  • Miradore client deployer uses RDP and SMB to deploy the Miradore clients to the Windows PCs. 
  • Miradore client deployer needs domain admin level credentials, or at the non-domain computers, the integrated Administrator account credentials for installations.
  • Required network connections are described in the picture.

Installation steps

  1. Install the Miradore client deployer with the installer found under "C:\Program Files\Miradore\Server\Miradore\Connectors\Client Deployment\Client deployer.msi". The Miradore client deployer can run on any computer that can access both the Miradore server and the target PCs. There can be multiple Miradore client deployers, for example one for each branch office. In the installer, specify the server address, instance name, and other connection information asked. Don't forget to check Ignore SSL errors if you're using a self-signed certificate.

  2. Run the rest of the installer steps with the default settings.
  3. Open up Windows Task Scheduler, find the Miradore Client Deployer task and run it.

  4. Open up Administration > System settings > Connectors in Miradore Management Suite. You should see a Miradore client deployer connector in a Failed status. Open up the item. In case there isn't anything available, check your Miradore logs at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Miradore\Connectors\Miradore\Client deployer\MDClientDeployer.log.

  5. Switch into Edit mode by clicking on the Edit button from the toolbar. Change the status of the Miradore client deployer to Active and type in an account and password. Notice that the entered account should be a domain admin account.

  6. Run the Client deployer task from the Windows Task Scheduler once more and check that the status gets updated to Success in the Connectors tab at the Miradore system settings. If it does, you're now ready to deploy Miradore clients!

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