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Activation Lock Bypass for iOS


Activation lock for iOS was introduced in iOS 7 to provide additional security when a device is lost or stolen by preventing anyone from using the device without knowing the Apple ID and password of the end-user. When a user turns on Find My iPhone, activation lock is automatically enabled and the device prompts the user to login with his/her Apple ID and password during factory reset.

When thinking about Supervised corporate devices, this can become a problem if the device must be reset or allocated to a new user or an employee leaves the company. Activation Lock Bypass feature of Miradore Online can be used to circumvent such problems.


  • Available in iOS 7.1 and later. Requires that devices are Supervised. The most convenient way to get devices into Supervised mode is to enroll them through the Apple Device Enrollment Program.
  • The device must have an iCloud account configured.
  • The device must have Find My iPhone turned on.

Once these requirements are met and the device is enrolled to Miradore Online, Activation Lock information can be seen from the device page.

Activation lock bypass code shows the unique identifier received from the Apple to manually bypass the activation lock. Just leave the Apple ID field blank and enter the bypass code to the password field.

Another solution is to start Disable activation lock action from the page action menu. By running the action Miradore Online server contacts Apple's web service with proper device identifiers and bypass code to disable the activation lock.


You can track the status of the action by opening the Events tab on the device page. It may be necessary to tap Back on the device before being able to proceed with the activation, i.e. the device notices that activation lock has been disabled.


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