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Managed device polling intervals and online statuses


Managed devices connect Miradore Online for two reasons. All devices connect (poll) Miradore Online service on predefined polling interval. In addition to this, devices connect the server after a push notification event they receive when you deploy configuration profiles or applications to the device or you use the Sync now option. This document explains the standard intervals for each operating system platform.



Connections to Miradore Online service are managed by a client application (Miradore Online client for Android). Client application as default settings for:

  • polling interval: default 10800 seconds (3 hours)
  • inventory interval: default (24 hours)

If needed, these default intervals can be modified from the client application settings.



As iOS device management does not use a client application, the polling is scheduled on Miradore Online service side. iOS management protocol does not have similar "polling concept", so we needed to build our own implementation. All managed iOS devices are woken up with a push notification once a day (interval 24 hours). After receiving the push notification the device runs the inventory and connects Miradore Online. Push notifications to the devices are spread across the day to reduce the impact on network load.


Windows Phone

Also Windows Phone management is a clientless utilizing the built-in management framework in the operating system platform. It uses following interval settings:

  • polling interval: default 10800 seconds (3 hours)
  • inventory interval: default (24 hours)


Device online statuses

Device polling intervals and last seen dates are related to device online statuses in Miradore Online. Online status is calculated by comparing the last seen date to status thresholds:

  • Online: connected during past 24 hours 
  • Inactive: has connected during past 7 days but not during last 24 hours
  • Unknown: has not connected during past 7 days
  • Unmanaged: device has been unenrolled or wiped



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