Android Zero-touch enrollment with Miradore Online



Android Zero-touch enrollment is seamless setup and deployment method for company-owned Android devices. It can be used to enroll devices automatically to Miradore Online. During devices setup, Miradore Online client will be downloaded to the device, and it will connect to the correct Miradore Online site.

Start by purchasing Zero-touch enrollment devices. Your reseller sets up your Zero-touch enrollment account when your organization first purchases devices registered for Zero-touch enrollment - like shown in Zero-touch enrollment overview.



Prepare Zero-touch enrollment

Download Android custom configuration file from Enrollment > Android Enterprise page under Actions dropdown.



Configure Zero-touch enrollment in Android Zero-touch portal

Open Android Zero-touch partner portal and create configuration for enrolling devices to Miradore Online. Open Configurations, create a new configuration using the + button. 

  1. Enter a suitable name for configuration.
  2. Select Miradore Online client as EMM DPC selection
  3. Enter contents of the configuration file, downloaded from Miradore Online, in the DPC extras field
  4. Finish the other fields of the configuration as you like

Note: Values shown here are just for the demonstration. Those should be replaced with the actual values from your original file.

Select the new configuration for the actual devices in the Devices page. Configuration name used here is Webinar.


Start the assigned factory-reset device. It should download Miradore Online client and automatically enroll the device to your Miradore Online site.





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