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Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment


Here's how to connect the Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollment (KME) to Miradore Online

Note that devices enrolled to Miradore Online through KME can only be used in
Device Owner Mode, if you wish to use Work Profile, you must now have the device
be enrolled in a different way.

  1. Log in to Miradore Online:
    - Go to the Devices -view.
    - Click "Work managed device provisioning" -link in the Actions column.
    - Find the button "Download Knox Mobile Enrollment configuration"screensave

  2. Click the button and download the Knox Enrollment JSON template to your computer.

  3. Log in with the Samsung KNOX Enrollment account and select KNOX Mobile Enrollment.

  4.  Create a new MDM (Enrollment) Profile
    - Enter link to "MDM Agent APK" (https://online.miradore.com/mdonline.apk)
    - Tick in "Enable this app as a Google Device Owner"
    - Select "Other" under "Supported MDM."
    - Copy the contents of the JSON file you downloaded from Miradore Online and paste this into "Custom JSON."
    Data (as defined by MDM)
    - Save

5. Now you can assign this new MDM profile to those devices via "Devices" in the menu available on your KME account.

6. After you assign the MDM profile, everything is set up for enrolling the device to Miradore
Online via KME, this is done from the "Welcome screen" before the device is set up
if the device has been used already, it must be factory reset first.

The device must have access to the internet during enrollment, either via WiFi or unlocked
SIM card with data, otherwise it will not be enrolled via KME.

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