Adding other devices to Miradore Online


In addition to managing mobile devices and computers, Miradore Online can be also used for keeping records of other devices, such as monitors, printers, VR headsets, external drivers and wearables. This article describes how you can add other devices to Miradore Online.



  • This feature is part of Miradore Online Enterprise Plan.
  • Other devices don't require licenses. Enterprise Plan subscribers can add other devices to Miradore Online without additional costs.

How to add other devices

There are two ways to add other devices:

From Miradore Online console

1. Go to the Management > Devices page, and choose Add > Other device.



2. Fill in fields "Identifier", "Manufacturer" and "Model" in order to create a new device to the system. After this, you can add more information, like the device user and warranty details through the Device form.




1. Add devices via API, by choosing the method POST under the Device item.

  • POST https://<sitename>
  • Parameters: "Identifier", "Manufacturer" and "Model" are required.


Other devices are shown among managed devices on the Management > Devices page. You can filter out the devices by selecting "Other" for the Device type column.

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