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Troubleshooting patch deployments


You can monitor patch deployments through the Patches page, Windows dashboard and from the Device page as explained in Viewing available and installed patches for Windows devices article.

This article contains some ideas that you can try if you notice problems in deploying patches to your Windows devices.


Check the configuration of Windows Update

Windows Update may interfere Miradore when it tries to install Windows patches. If the installation of Windows patches is failing on your managed Windows computers, we recommend to check the configuration of Windows Update on the managed Windows computers.

  • Make sure the Windows Update Service is not disabled
  • Set Windows Automatic Updates to Never check for updates (Windows 7 & 8).
    • On Windows 10 computers you cannot modify this setting from the Control panel, but you can edit the settings through the Group Policy Editor or use Miradore Online's Windows Update configuration profile to disable the automatic updates. On domain-joined computers this setting is most likely managed through group policies by your administrator.

The Windows Update settings don't affect the installation of software patches from other vendors.


Check whether Miradore Client is installed on the devices

Miradore Online utilizes an MDM work account and/or a Miradore Client for managing Windows computers. Read Windows device management methods for more information about this topic.

In order to work properly, patch management requires that the devices have the Miradore Client installed. This is usually the case, because Miradore attempts to install the Client automatically to all computers managed with the MDM work account, but sometimes the client installation may fail.

Patch management features won't work on devices which don't have a Miradore Client installed.

You can check the device management method from Management type table which is located on the Device page.



Retrying patch deployments

You can retry failed patch installations using the Retry patch installation button on the Device page.


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