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Deploying applications to Windows 10 devices


This article describes how you can deploy software to Windows 10 devices remotely using Miradore Online.

Software installations to Windows 10 devices through Miradore Online are always silent which means that no user interaction is required at the device end when you deploy an app.


  • This feature is part of Miradore Online Enterprise Plan
  • Software deployment is currently available for devices running Windows 10 Pro or above
  • You can currently deploy only .msi files (support for .exe and other formats coming soon)


Preparations for deployment: Adding apps to Miradore

  1. First of all, you need to add the application to Miradore (unless you have it there already).

    Go to Management > Applications page on your Miradore Online site, and click the Actions > Add button from the page toolbar.

  2. Choose Windows.

  3. Choose the file format of the software installer. Now only .msi files are supported, but support for more file formats will be released shortly.
  4. Next you're asked to enter the application details and choose the deployment preferences. The available configuration options depend on your selection in the Media type field.

    Choose File upload if your software installer file is smaller than 200MBs and you can upload it to Miradore Online.

    Choose External URL if you want to host the installer file yourself or if you have an installer file larger than 200MBs.

    From below, you can find descriptions of all configuration options for both media types.

    File upload

    MSITool serialized data: Leave this field empty if you chose File upload as the media type.

    Uploaded file: Click Browse and select here the installer file that is used to install the desired software. The maximum supported file size is 200MB.

    Command-line options: Here you can enter the application specific command-line options for the software installation. Check software vendor specific documentation for more information about the command-line options.

    Install to all users: This selection defines whether the software will be installed for all users of the device or just for the one who is logged in at the time of the installation. Notice that the software deployment will fail with "Access denied" error code, if you choose to install the software only for the logged in user but there is nobody logged in when the deployment is attempted.

    Description: Free text field for describing the software.

    Retry count: How many times Miradore should attempt the software installation in case the deployment would fail? The installation will be marked as failed if the deployment doesn't succeed with the specified number of retries.

    Retry interval: How soon Miradore should try to redeploy the software after a failed installation attempt? Define in minutes.

    Timeout: Amount of time, in minutes, how long the installation process can run before the installer considers the deployment as failed.

    External URL

    MSITool serialized data: Download Miradore's MSITool. Start up the tool on your computer and choose the installer of your desired software to the File path field using the Browse button.

    You will notice that the tool resolves you all details about the given installer file. Only thing you need to add is the URL address to the place where the installer file is hosted. Enter the file address to the Url to MSI package field.

    After that, you can configure Command-line options, Install to all users, Description, Retry count, Retry interval and Retry timeout if you want. See the description of these fields above.

    Copy the serialized file information from the MSITool using the Copy button. Paste the data into the MSITool serialized data field on Miradore Online and click the gray Decode MSITool data button. This will auto-fill rest of the configuration fields based on your selections in the MSITool.

  5. Click the green Create button to complete the wizard. After this, you should see a confirmation telling that the application was added to Miradore successfully. You are now ready to deploy the software.



Distributing software to Windows 10 devices remotely

Once you have added applications to Miradore Online, you can easily deploy them to your devices from the Devices page.

Just select the devices where you want to deploy the software and choose Deploy > Application from the page toolbar. This will start up an application deployment wizard which lets you choose the desired software for the deployment.


You can follow up the application deployment from Management > Action log page, or at the Device page.


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