macOS device management


Miradore Online supports management of macOS devices from version 10.7 onwards. This article provides an information about different enrollment methods and management features, which Miradore Online supports for macOS devices.

In order to start managing your Apple devices in Miradore Online, you need to take Apple Push Notification service in use. This service is used for secure communication between Miradore Online and the managed Apple devices. Read more about Apple Push Notification service from our knowledge base.


Enrollment methods

Admin may use various different methods to enroll macOS devices to Miradore Online.

  1. The basic enrollment method is to enroll a device to Online with the wizard.
  2. For advanced management, the enrollment with Apple Business / School Manager (Apple DEP) is recommended. This method is available for macOS devices from version 10.9 onwards. Please note, that the device must be added to Apple Business / School Manager when purchased in order to use this method.
  3. Enroll devices with the MDM profile downloaded from Miradore Online System > Infrastructure diagram
  4. Administrators can also send the enrollment message from Miradore Online to multiple users at once.


Supported management features for macOS devices

You may also utilize Miradore Online's business policies to automate the deployment of the configuration profiles to your macOS devices.


Additional information:

Apple Business manager (Apple's user guide)

Apple School manager (Apple's user guide)


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